Wednesday 23 May 2012

Multilingual Application

Hi  Friends,
Have any idea how to make Multilingual form for our Application??
Here is simple Example that can help and capable to make you multilingual Application
Let’s Start :
  1. Make “App_GlobalResources” Application folder in your Application
  2. Then Add Resource File in this folder,Note that Resource file Name must follow naming convention,
    e.g  Hindi Resource file name must like “ FileName.hi-IN.resx
    English Resource file name must like “FileName.resx ”  (Because it’s default)
  3. Add Word and its meaning in particular language resource file,
    use google translate for translation your word,

    e.g. For Hindi Language

    e.g For English language

  4. Now Apply .Net Control's value from Resource file like,

  5.  Now change the application culture at runtime in code behind  like ,
  6. Now run your Application and Change dropdown value to see effect.

If you like or any query Please Leave comment on post.

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